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Air-to-Air Combat a.k.a Dogfighting

air to air dogfighting combat

Since World War II there have been many cases of air-to-air combat. Even in the jet age, modern air-to-air combat can develop into dogfights. A fighter can evade a missile by abrupt maximum-performance turns and employing countermeasures such as chaff and flares provided they can detect the missile via a radar warning receiver (RWR) or visually. If beyond-visual-range (BVR) missiles can be defeated, pilots can press the attack and very quickly arrive at the within-visual-range (WVR) arena. This will typically result in a high-speed neutral pass (or merge) from which the opposing pilots must decide to turn and continue the fight with... (Read More..)


Top 10 Most Expensive Military Planes

top 10 most expensive military plane

As technology advances and with tension arising amongst powerful nations. The key to progression and economic substainability starts from the nation's defense. As countries begin to realise the importances of national security and defense, many nations are increasing their budget on military defenses. One main vital military spending falls on the military airforce. In the event of an aggression, the airforce will always be the first aggressor to oppose any incoming threats, hence military spending were mainly focused on the airforce. Now, lets take a look at the most expensive military planes created. (Read More..)


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